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Topic: Language

The Telegraph: British languages ‘in danger of dying out within a generation
These are languages you may have not heard about… Out of the gutter
On slang’s way into the language Mama Lisa’s World of Nursery Rhymes
An interesting website for (big) children only

The New Yorker: Word
On the language of hip-hop

The Guardian: Bivio – Europe’s greatest linguistic curiosity
How many languages are spoken in some parts of Switzerland? Certainly more than one…

Intelligent Life: OMG, ETC
Acronyms are everywhere

The Economist Debates: Does language shape how we think
Follow the debate to learn more, voice your opinions and even vote

[Sources and inspirations: virtual linguist, The Browser, Langology]


British Council UK Culture: Language (dialects and accents)
BBC Podcasts: Outlook – How a popular Greenland band uses music to encourage teenagers not to take their lives MP3
The New York Times: Backstory (Michael Shear) MP3
NPR: All Things Considered – Prepaid Debit Cards MP3 (transcript)
BBC Comedy: YouTube Channel

Learning English

BBC Learning English: Beaches to reopen after shark attacks (text, audio and activities)
British Council Word Games: Recycling (vocabulary game)
Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: Clothes (tag cloud, links to topics)
Test your vocabulary (Cambridge): Cambridge English Readers Level Test


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