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With this post I want to launch one of the series of texts aiming at helping English learners prepare to telc examinations.
Those unfamiliar with these examinations can go and read more on telc website. How is it different from Cambridge exams (apart from the fact that telc GmbH is a German organisation)? Cambridge exams are more academic and require a more sistemic approach to vocabulary and grammar. Telc represents a school in English Language Teaching (ELT) that is focused mainly on real-life tasks (task approach) and it is in solving those tasks that the knowledge of the language manifests itself.
That is probably one of the reasons why there are almost no materials for English learners that would help them to prepare to the exam. There are only mock exam papers available for free on telc website and a remark that “every general language course prepares for the exam”. That is probably true, but teachers and students have become spoilt by the abundance of materials for Cambridge exams and start to complain about the lack of dedicated books, tests etc.
In this series I want to show that neither teachers nor learners really need dedicated books or mock exams or tests etc. as everything they need is right in front of them in almost every textbook or on the Internet.


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