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language links (part 1)

I’d like to start with a bunch of links to websites where you can find interesting content for language learning. I’m not linking to well-known addresses, but places that are worth visiting yet are not present in the mainstream.

1. Antimoon
The website exists thanks to a bunch of Poles who present an original path to language learning. It is both controversial and eye-opening as many of language learners will find out. It does not provide you with much content for language learning per se, but gives you food for thought and a handful of learning techniques. You can also find in-depth dictionary reviews, introduction to pronunciation (together with a possibity to buy software that will help you master this aspect of language) and testimonials of people who have chosen similar path.
What I personally like about this website is the emphasis they put on pronunciation when learning English. I believe that while you undoubtedly need to learn all aspects of the language, pronunciation is often neglected or overly simplified by non-native teachers. Learners do not have to sound British, Australian or American, but word stress and sentence stress is vital if they want to be understood without much trouble.
Follow-up read: Accent and perception (via @LabSpaces)

2. Best of British
This website was founded by a Brit who emigrated to the US and wished to make the difference between British and American versions of English better understood. He even published a book (now unavailable). A great source of vocab, although a bit outdated now.
What I like about this website are the different categories and personal comments of the author. Plus a bit of slang.
Follow-up read: The Economist’s debate


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    Nice website!!

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